Many homeowners have experienced a life change in the last few years that created a struggle in making their house payments on time. Some homeowners took advantage of the COVID forbearance programs, and are now realizing that there is still a debt due.

Many people do not know it is still possible to sell their home even if they are behind on mortgage payments. If you are in that situation, you can still sell your home, so if you are receiving notices from your lender, don’t ignore them. With the recent run-up in prices, don’t let yourself lose the equity that you have, just because you avoid the issue. Taking action can save you from the negative credit impacts of late payments or foreclosure – and taking action can actually help you land with money in your pocket!

#1): Contact your mortgage lender and ask about loan modification. Many areas have programs that require that a lender work with you on restructuring your loan. You may be asked to provide what is called “proof of hardship,” which just means you need to write an explanation of...


When you inherit a house, while it may bring you financial gain, it can also create increased legal and financial responsibilities. It can mean you need to negotiate with siblings, and the whole situation is emotional.

Our investors, and their quick close bids, can help!

#1): Make a short-term plan for property upkeep. This includes making sure the homeowners insurance policy is correctly titled. You need to maintain the home for a few weeks while next steps are finalized.

#2): Get copies of the death certificate. We’re sorry, but it’s hard to get anyone to help you, in any way, without it.

#3): Find out if the property was in a trust, if there was a will, was the mortgage paid up-to-date? Are there multiple stakeholders? If there’s no will, you will want to learn about something called Affidavits of Heirship. An online search can give you lots of tips, and all of this information will be important. Our home advisors can help get a title search run or recommend an attorney if that’s necessary.

#4): Make a plan for removing valuables from the...


1): Know the mortgage pay off amount. Not the amount on your coupon (that’s normally about one month’s payment amount off), but a payoff amount that you get from your mortgage company, good for a certain date. If for some reason, you are concerned that your sales price won’t cover what you need it to cover, let one of our advisors visit with you. Still free, still no obligation.

2): Know who needs to sign docs. If the property has been part of an estate or part of a divorce, we can help you make sure that the title is ready for transfer. Still free, still no obligation.

3): Hold a mirror up to your property. Be ready to be honest about condition. Many states have a seller’s disclosure that you can find online. You don’t have to do any repairs, but to get offers for your home that will be accurate and get to closing – you need to be prepared to be honest. Not a list of what you wish you could improve, but a list of what is broken and not functioning as intended. You’ll be glad you did.

4): Plan the move out. Aging parents, bad tenants,...


1): Multiple offers. Qualified buyers making competitive offers – and you choose the winner! All quickly, with no inspections until you are under contract. While we do not guarantee an offer on every property (you wouldn’t believe some of what we see) …and you are under No Obligation to take any of the offers……. we average 3.6 offers per property! Not just one offer – take it or leave it. Not just one Wall Street offer that allows you no flexibility.

2): Vetted buyers and investors. We work hard to have a mix of national investors and local investors, all with the capital to show up and close. We work with them to make their best possible offers on each property. They ask their questions in advance and make a knowledgeable offer that they stand behind. We are proud that we average only a 1% reduction from contract price to sold price. There is no other “I’ll buy your home now” program that doesn’t ask for big reductions once you’re under contract with them and making your plans to move. They assume it’s easier for you to just agree to let them lower the price than...


1): You Can Time the Market (aka it’s not a good time to sell)

The Facts: There is a documented housing shortage in the United States – and particularly in some areas. The National Association of Realtors actually has a “Housing Shortage Tracker” that compares new housing permits to new jobs created. Accepted research shows that housing construction has not kept up with the increase in households in the US and that the US is about 4 million rooftops short.

However, housing prices aren’t merely a byproduct of available inventory. They also depend on broader economic factors like mortgage interest rates, loan & credit availability, income growth and consumer confidence in the future. The best economists, statisticians and real estate gurus were all anticipating that a real estate bubble was about to burst as we entered the COVID-19 pandemic, yet housing prices exploded.

If you have a crystal ball and can accurately predict the future in real estate – you should be buying and selling properties every day!

Historically, housing prices have risen over...


1): You’ve got equity on your side. The current housing market is sure a strange one, with volatile mortgage rates and very low inventory. But the truth is, prices have risen nationwide, so most of you have equity. If you have equity, now is the time to get that money out of your property and into your hands!

2): You are emotionally detaching from the house. It’s a house or property now – one that isn’t energy efficient, takes too long to clean, needs repairs, doesn’t have a study… whatever is not perfect for you!

3): You “online shop” for homes frequently – and you see plenty of features that you wish you had!

4): You’re reading articles about the real estate market. Lots of them.

5): You’ve checked into schools and activities for your kids in a new location – just because it’s interesting.

6): You know what you are going to do with your proceeds. Pay off debt, buy another home, take a great trip…..whatever!