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Are serious about growing your wealth through real estate?

Whether you're looking for properties to hold and rent or want to improve properties and flip them, iFinder Offers has a steady flow of properties ready for you to bid on - the majority of which have never gone on market.

We've had property submissions from 14 states with a wide variety of styles, conditions, and prices. Some have sold from as little as $50,000, while others are close to a million!

Whatever your parameters, we've got properties that will spark your interest!


Applying is Easy!

Email us to get started!

We'll need $300K Proof of Funds

  • $150K must be in liquid assets
  • The remaining can be credit approval.
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Once approved, you'll start receiving properties to bid on, directly to your inbox!

Our Certified iFinder Pro agents are trained to give you an accurate description of the property and any maintenance or issues that will need to be addressed. You'll receive lots of pictures to make an educated decision on whether any property fits your criteria and what you feel the value would be.

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