Six Signs You Are Ready to Sell Your Home (or You Know You Are Ready When)…

1): You’ve got equity on your side. The current housing market is sure a strange one, with volatile mortgage rates and very low inventory. But the truth is, prices have risen nationwide, so most of you have equity. If you have equity, now is the time to get that money out of your property and into your hands!

2): You are emotionally detaching from the house. It’s a house or property now – one that isn’t energy efficient, takes too long to clean, needs repairs, doesn’t have a study… whatever is not perfect for you!

3): You “online shop” for homes frequently – and you see plenty of features that you wish you had!

4): You’re reading articles about the real estate market. Lots of them.

5): You’ve checked into schools and activities for your kids in a new location – just because it’s interesting.

6): You know what you are going to do with your proceeds. Pay off debt, buy another home, take a great trip…..whatever!