Our Investors Believe in the Phrase “Buy Dirt.”

Our Investors Believe in the Phrase “Buy Dirt.”

Mark Twain is famous for saying “Buy Land, they’re not making it anymore.”

As you look at the value of land, you see a steady upward climb in value, so it appears Mark Twain was correct!

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Our Investor Buyers

We pre-approve and pre-qualify our buyers. They apply because they are serious about growing their wealth through real estate. We do not allow wholesalers who are not the actual buyers – our qualified pool of bidders contains genuine buyers of “dirt”!

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Off Market Opportunities

When speaking with people about investing in real estate, we’ve learned that genuine real estate investors understand their own goals and understand their own “math.” Some want to hold and rent, taking advantage appreciation and having a tenant’s rental payments pay down any landlord debt. Some want to improve the property and flip, earning a more immediate return. Some rely on monthly cash flow as income. Serious investors do not say things like “just let me know when you have a deal”…..they are interested in seeing most all properties that are looking for a buyer……and they’ll use their own metrics to decide what is a deal and what is not a deal. Many qualified buyers in our iFinder network love analyzing properties and want to consider buying any and every piece of “dirt” that they can!

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Are you ready?

Ready to get started growing your wealth through real estate? Or ready to receive the amazing flow of deals offered by iFinder Offers? Get in touch today!

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When you’re ready to make the move, it’s important to be prepared.

With iFinder Offers to help you navigate the process, you can find the right buyer and make the most of your home sale.