4 Things that Make iFinder Different

1): Multiple offers. Qualified buyers making competitive offers – and you choose the winner! All quickly, with no inspections until you are under contract. While we do not guarantee an offer on every property (you wouldn’t believe some of what we see) …and you are under No Obligation to take any of the offers……. we average 3.6 offers per property! Not just one offer – take it or leave it. Not just one Wall Street offer that allows you no flexibility.

2): Vetted buyers and investors. We work hard to have a mix of national investors and local investors, all with the capital to show up and close. We work with them to make their best possible offers on each property. They ask their questions in advance and make a knowledgeable offer that they stand behind. We are proud that we average only a 1% reduction from contract price to sold price. There is no other “I’ll buy your home now” program that doesn’t ask for big reductions once you’re under contract with them and making your plans to move. They assume it’s easier for you to just agree to let them lower the price than it would be for you to stop your move, and start your sale process over. That’s just not right.

3): Our network of hundreds of proven buyers allows you to genuinely pick your own timing and terms. We have all cash buyers that can allow you to stay in your home longer, we have buyers ready to close and take possession tomorrow, we have buyers who can be flexible until the last moment. Our vetted & qualified buyers have the lowest risk of cancellation – they want to buy properties! In today’s hectic world, certainty matters – being confident that you can move with money in your pocket when it’s best for your family is a huge win.

4): We are that perfect mix of personal & technology. An innovative way to connect sellers and buyers, with the least stress, the least hassle … AND the most confidence. It’s free to get offers and you are under no obligation to accept any of them. We have advisors who can help with questions or challenges along the way. It’s that easy.

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