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How Can iFinder Help You Sell Your Home?

If you’re ready to take the first step in selling your Dallas-Fort Worth Area home, there is no better place to start than the iFinder real estate app. Our online platform and mobile app are dedicated to bringing together genuine groups of genuine, vetted home buyers and investors to help you exchange offers and sell property. Discover how the iFinder real estate app can help you get multiple real, certain offers from approved buyers for your home and connect with us today to sell your property!

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Easy Submission for Home Buying Bids

Putting your Dallas-Fort Worth residential property on the real estate market can traditionally take a lot of time, energy and resources — which is exactly what the iFinder real estate app eliminates. By filling out our online bid request form, you can give our digital platform all the information we need about your property to give to potential approved and vetted buyers or investors. Give us all the details — including the address, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, and if repairs are needed — and iFinder will handle the rest!

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Reliable Buyers and Investors

iFinder is dedicated to bringing the real estate buying and selling process into the 21st century, allowing our clients to handle everything online while also working with professionals. Our real estate app makes it a point to allow only reliable buyers and investors who have undergone a strict approval process to interact with our users and make offers. Through this approval process, iFinder requires these persons to prove they have the cash and resources to close on a home purchase; this means you can trust our platform to help you sell your home, fast!

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More Home Buyer Offers

Instead of putting your Dallas-Fort Worth property on the market and waiting for inquiries, the iFinder real estate app gives you the chance to receive multiple offers. Homeowners on our platform have averaged over four offers per property submitted in the last 12 months — some properties even receive over 10 offers. Not to mention after you receive all your offers, you will view each of them on a spreadsheet that shows you the amount you are expected to net from each offer. Sign up today to connect with bidders and buyers!

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Quick Closing Process

Once you start receiving offers on your home through our iFinder real estate app, closing on a sale is incredibly easy. Eliminate the hassle of setting up meetings and matching up schedules with buyers and investors, and enjoy a smooth, quick closing process with our online platform. Get involved today to learn more about the process!

Choosing to utilize our iFinder real estate app is the best way to navigate the Texas real estate market! Regardless of why you’re looking to sell your home, our online platform and verified buyers and investors will help you get the best offer possible. Join today to learn more!

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