iFinder Experiences Exponential Growth

iFinder Offers Surpasses $1 Billion in Property Submissions

iFinder Offers, a "matchmaking service" for home sellers and quick close home buyers, has continued its explosive growth.

Now operating in 18 states and surpassing $1 billion in property submissions, iFinder Offers is providing sellers an average of 3.6 offers per home. By keeping agents at the center of the process, sellers can be confident that their interests are represented while pursuing the quickest, most convenient, most private home sale possible.

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First quarter results for iFinder were outstanding with exponential growth.

Home submissions averaged 27 per week for Q1 2024, an increase of 134%, while closings doubled, and revenue increased by 142%. Recent headlines may have raised questions about best next steps for home sellers interested in benefiting from increased equity, and iFinder Offers has now certified 2,000 savvy agents across the country, who see iFinder as a possible solution for any and every home seller.

With some U.S. markets now experiencing up to 80% of real estate transactions off MLS, the iFinder 2.0 suite of web tools for agents offers them the ability to reach homeowners with the personalized information and options that sellers crave. Sellers want control and options, and iFinder 2.0 delivers both, while allowing for professional assistance along the way.

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Network of Buyer/Investors and Agent Involvement Prove Key

The iFinder investor network is experiencing rapid growth as well with over two hundred pre-qualified investors ready to bid on homes and make offers on the average of over 116 properties per month sent directly to them on a daily basis. The flow of deals, both quantity and quality, for investor review is unmatched.

Anne Lakusta, President of iFinder Offers, believes that "while many quick sale solutions have not proven to be sustainable, our model of keeping agents at the center of the transaction and providing multiple offers to home sellers without the hassle of repairs, showings, etc. has been a game-changer. And of course, in this time of scarce inventory, home buyers and investors love the opportunity to review a constant stream of properties available for purchase."

Managing Partner Smokey Garrett is "…excited about the past year of dynamic growth in both property submissions and number of certified buyers/investors. We are even more excited about our work on our technology, processes, and communications, all which have gotten us ready for mass expansion in 2024. If we're not already in your city, we'll be coming soon!"

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About iFinder Offers

iFinder is the most comprehensive and stress-free solution for homeowners to easily, quickly, and conveniently sell their homes. Our technology quickly connects your property to a network of genuine home buyers and investors (both private and institutional) who have undergone an approval process, verifying they have the cash and resources to close on a real estate purchase quickly. Other "quick sale" solutions give you one offer, one option, while iFinder Offers averages 4 to choose from.

Home sellers need buyers and buyers/investors need motivated sellers. iFinder Offers makes the connection, with the agent at the center, that allows sellers to avoid the hassle and headache of traditional showings, staging, etc. and allows buyers/investors the opportunity to review a constant stream of properties available for purchase.

To learn more visit www.iFinderOffers.com.

When you’re ready to make the move, it’s important to be prepared.

With iFinder Offers to help you navigate the process, you can find the right buyer and make the most of your home sale.