Things To Consider When You Have Multiple Offers For Your Home

When you’re trying to sell your home, you may not be expecting many offers. However, with iFinder, you’re likely to get at least three bids. This scenario is common for sellers, and knowing what to do and how to handle more than one submission is important. Look no further, here are four things to consider when dealing with potential buyers!


What Is the Best Offer?

The best offer doesn’t always have to be the one that offers up the most money to start with. Those first offers may be a bit lower than you’re expecting. After receiving multiple offers, you may want to reach out to the bidders, and let them know that there are other bids on the table. Let them know that they should make their best offers to be considered.

This will encourage buyers to up their bids, and encourage those who don’t have the capital to raise their offers to self-select and remove themselves from the equation.


Be Patient

As noted above, the best offer may not come in right away. After you’ve received a wave of offers, there may be a straggler or two who blow the others out of the water. iFinder gives sellers a quick turnover for their real estate, but that doesn’t mean you have to take an offer right away. Think about how long you have before you need to sell, and give buyers time to discover your property.



Some buyers may ask for contingencies when buying a property, especially those who are offering to pay more. Think carefully about what these contingencies mean and whether they’re worth the extra money on the table.


Can The Buyer Afford The Offer?

While anybody can make an offer on many house-selling websites, not everybody has the money to make the purchase in the end. It might be best to be wary of high offers and keep in contact with second and third-place bidders. With iFinder, you can be sure that every bid has the capital and intention to go through with purchasing your home. We have a network of vetted investors who we’re certain are serious about buying your home.

Ensure that you’ll have multiple bids to consider with the iFinder Sales app. Submit your house today and receive, on average, four offers to consider!

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