What Determines the Value of A House?

What Determines the Value of A House?

Location, Location, Location has long been a popular phrase about real estate values. The better the location, the higher the price of the home.

And that’s true.

However, it isn’t the only truth.

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These days, buyers are hoping for move-in-ready condition, so the price a seller can expect to receive is also driven by condition.

That’s why we are particularly proud of the fact that iFinder Offers averages only a 1.47% reduction between offer price and closed price. Our certified agents submit many photos and complete information about the property, which then allows our qualified investor buyers to make strong offers and limits the surprises uncovered during inspections. Yes, our buyers will do an evaluation and inspection during their due diligence, inspection, option period……..however it is their intention to pay the price they offered unless something major is uncovered.

That’s right, only an average of a 1.47% reduction from offer price to closed price.

iFinder Offers is a program you can trust.

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