4 things to know before selling quickly & easily – and it’s not cleaning or chores!

1): Know the mortgage pay off amount. Not the amount on your coupon (that’s normally about one month’s payment amount off), but a payoff amount that you get from your mortgage company, good for a certain date. If for some reason, you are concerned that your sales price won’t cover what you need it to cover, let one of our advisors visit with you. Still free, still no obligation.

2): Know who needs to sign docs. If the property has been part of an estate or part of a divorce, we can help you make sure that the title is ready for transfer. Still free, still no obligation.

3): Hold a mirror up to your property. Be ready to be honest about condition. Many states have a seller’s disclosure that you can find online. You don’t have to do any repairs, but to get offers for your home that will be accurate and get to closing – you need to be prepared to be honest. Not a list of what you wish you could improve, but a list of what is broken and not functioning as intended. You’ll be glad you did.

4): Plan the move out. Aging parents, bad tenants, pre-foreclosure, busy families, relocating………people sell a property quickly and conveniently for many reasons. You can choose the best terms and best timing when you know the plan for move out. If you wish, one of our home advisors can answer questions and recommend movers, point you to month-to-month options, etc. Still free. Still no obligation.

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